The School of Greatness Academy is Currently In Session

SOGA is Currently In Session

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I created the School of Greatness Academy with 1 big goal: to unite fans of the School of Greatness book and podcast with a supportive inclusive community, and to give you the training and tools you’ll need to achieve your dreams.

If you’re looking for accountability and you want to surround yourself with people just like you who are on a path to greatness, sign up to get on the wait list for when the next class opens.

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  • You’ll hear stories from alumni students and their experience with the School of Greatness Academy right away. 

  • I'll tell you more about the road map, resources, and the exact strategies you’ll learn over this 10 week 100% digital online bootcamp, that hundreds of our students have successfully completed.

  • You’ll even receive a free workbook just for signing up for the waitlist: Your Perfect Day Exercise. This is one of the many exercises I include in the School of Greatness trainings, which have helped thousands of people take the first step toward getting clear on their goals.

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